5 Hand Wrapping Tips

  • 05/20/19
  • Health and fitness

Your hands are made up of 27 small, delicate bones – so it’s very important to wrap your hands in order to prevent injury. The main purpose of hand wraps is to protect your knuckles and support your wrists, but they also protect the small bones in the hands from breaking. Here are our 5 top tips on how to safely and correctly wrap your hands.

A properly wrapped hand will tighten into a solid fist when the hand is closed.

Don’t wrap too thickly, otherwise your hands won’t fit in the gloves.

Secure the velcro right on the wrist for maximum wrist support.

If your hands hurt after just 30 minutes or your fingers are turning white, your wrap is probably too tight. 

Wraps also work wonders as they soak up the sweat that would normally soak into your gloves. Although this is very hand-y (pardon the pun), this means that hand wraps tend to get very smelly very quickly. After each training session, chuck them in the washing machine to keep them smelling sweet.

Following these 5 tips will ensure your hands are wrapped safely and securely throughout your kickboxing session.