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How to make an Isotonic Drink!

isotonic drinksCheap, easy and quick!
Whether it be Isotonic, hypotonic or hypertonic, it’s important to give your body the right type of fuel during training. Isotonic drinks are required to give that needed boost of carbohydrates in the form of glucose, and replace lost electrolytes (in other words: sodium and potassium) during intensive workouts; and are stereotypically necessary for any tough cardiovascular exercise.
What you need:
500ml Water
125ml Squash (With no added sugar!)
A pinch of salt

Give it a shake and leave it in the fridge. Remember: simple to make, a big save on cash and important for muscle function and recovery!

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Angry Biscuits

cookie monsterIf you find yourself in need of a break, tea and biscuits may not be the right choice! While your trusty cup of brew comes with a variety of health benefits, biscuits have exactly the opposite effect. These artery clogging industrial fats, known as hydrogenated vegetable oils, are actually linked to aggression and mood swings according to a study conducted at the University of California. As it turns out, exercising generosity and letting your friends have the last couple of cookies may not be such a bad idea the next time you sit down to have a cup of tea.

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5 Tips for your Introduction to Sparring!

5 top tips to get you ready and into the sparring frame of mind… and becoming a take-no-prisoners force of nature!
aaron0.31. Slow is Focus, Focus is Fast.
The idea being to develop instinctive reactions with slow combinations that progress to a speed where it’s difficult to keep up. When training, start slow with particular focus on technique and form before eventually developing speed and an instinctive agility. As Oscar De La Hoya mentioned, take your time, look for that right medium between speed and power and make your combinations flow with confidence. Eventually combinations, counter-punches and reactions become wired into the mind. Remember, slow is focus, focus is fast!

aaron0.22. Drill Everything like a Mad Man! (In other words, work hard!)
It’s important to train hard in every aspect of your training, whether that be fitness or nutrition orientated, the process gives you an idea of where you need to apply your attention and work harder. Eventually a better understanding of your strengths surface. With top fighters it is a question of working hard, building your knowledge and experience to make a strategic analysis for fights.

3. Finish Fights, Be Exciting, Don’t be afraid to Experiment
First or all, relax and control your breathing. Don’t hold it, or you’ll get tired.

Form fighting is essential! You need a game-plan but like all exciting fights, predictability is at a minimum. Fights aren’t choreographed, it can go anywhere. Don’t just look to negate your opponent by finding his strengths and avoiding them. Be resourceful, focus and build your awareness.

4. Trust your Coaches
“I don’t know what the hell I’m doing. I just do what my coaches tell me to do,” says MMA legend Rampage Jackson from an interview back in 2014 with Fighting Fit. “I’m not the kind of guy to tell my coaches what I want, they tell me what to do and I do it”. Put in simple terms: a fighter that listens is a fighter that learns and improves.

aaron0.15. Rest Up and Eat Right
Rest and nutrition are one in the same thing. Resting and eating properly is essential when training hard. Eat, sleep and training is a big part of the equation when it comes to success. Make sure you get a good diet and the right amount of rest to be ready for the next training session!

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Protecting your Eyes with Coffee

coffeeEveryone hates itchy eyes, which are a pain. But according to scientists in Japan, a solution has been found… coffee. The test demonstrated those who consumed caffeine contained significantly more moisture in their eyes. Furthermore the beneficial effects were seen 45 minutes after they ingested caffeine pills. Next time another late night comes ominously knocking at your door, or a trip to the pub makes you see red, try grabbing an espresso; the price alone should make your eyes water!

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Spring Bank Holiday – May 23rd, 24th, 25th



Our Swiss Cottage?Dojo will be closed on Saturday, Sunday and Monday this Bank Holiday Weekend. Classes resume as normal on Tuesday 26th May.

Our Stoke Newington Dojo is open on Saturday and Sunday, but closed on Monday 25th May.

Have a great weekend and we look forward to seeing you all next week, which is grading week by the way! :)

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Bank Holiday

It’s a Bank Holiday this weekend which means the Dojo will be closed on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Classes resume as normal on Tuesday 5th May.

Also a reminder to TMAP parents that Tuesday 5th is also the first day of the new kids class term.

Have a great weekend and we look forward to seeing you all next week :)

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Stoke Newington Dojo is now open!

Our brand spanking new Stoke Newington Dojo has now opened and classes are filling up quickly! Children and adults alike are enjoying their lessons in our brand new Stokey Dojo. (Check out the photos below).

We’ve also had our first kids birthday party which was a big success and private classes are up and running too.

To book a free trial class for you or your child just give us a call on 020 7254 0332.

We look forward to seeing you all soon!




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Timetable changes and additions for Swiss Cottage Dojo

Please note some Swiss Cottage Dojo timetable changes.

Tuesdays 8pm workout class and Fridays 6.30pm sparring class have switched places. The workout/sparring schedule is now as follows:

Workout classes run Fridays at 6.30pm & Saturdays at 12.15pm
Sparring classes run Tuesdays at 8pm & Sundays at 12.15pm.
(A minimum grade of Yellow 1 is required to attend these classes).

Also, starting in September we will be introducing our new ‘Intensive’ programme allowing unlimited access to our workout and sparring classes. So if you’d like ramp up your fitness, develop your sparring or prepare for that big grading, then the ‘Intensive’ programme could be just what you’re looking for. Details are available from reception.

Finally we have also added some new kids classes. We have an additional 3 to 4’s class on Mondays at 3.15pm and a new 5 to 7’s class on Saturdays at 9am. Both these classes will begin when the new term starts on September 1st.


The Martial Arts Place Kickboxing Classes

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TMAP and Benthal Schools Summer Fair

On Saturday 21st July, TMAP (The Martial Arts Place) were guests at the Benthal School Summer Fair in Stoke Newington.

It was a great day with lots of kids enjoying Martial Arts taster sessions with the TMAP instructors – Sensei’s William, Michael, Lina and Aaron.

Our Stoke Newington Dojo opens  very soon in early July and we’re looking forward to starting classes and meeting lots of mini martial artists and future Black Belts!

The TMAP Stoke Newington Dojo will be offering kids classes for ages 3 to 4, 5 to 7, 8 to 10 and 11 to 14, as well as adult classes too of course!

To book a trial class for yourself or your child please contact us either through this website or you can email us at: or you can call us on 02072540332 or 02075861222.

See you soon in Stokey!

The TMAP team.

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Children and Martial Arts – the benefits.

The benefits of Martial Arts training and the difference they can make to a childs life are huge. By starting young, children are equipped with invaluable skills that stay with them forever. From increased respect and self-discipline to improved confidence, fitness and listening skills, martial arts such as kickboxing can shape a child’s character and help them take life in their stride.


The Martial Arts Place holds regular kickboxing classes for children, with a specially structured syllabus that covers first-aid skills, stranger awareness and road safety. Our Junior Kickboxing Programme includes a fun grading system which encourages self-improvement and allows the students’ progress to be monitored carefully.

We run free trial classes for children at both of our full-time professional Dojos in Swiss Cottage and Stoke Newington. You can call or email to book a trial class now.


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