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December In-House Competition Images!

Well done to all of you who competed in the December in-house Competition, and a big thanks to all those who showed up to lend their support!!

Also… good job to our hard-working talented Little Monkeys!













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Christmas Party 2016!


Any more info required be sure to check out the link below!

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The Christmas Timetable!


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Challenge of the Month!


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The Challenge Board of October: Farmer’s Walk

Challenge yourself this October and see how long you can take on the Farmer’s Walk!

Put your strength to the test and see if you can beat Sensei Will’s time of 25 seconds.

2.00 pounds to be verified by a sensei, all proceeds go to Children in Need!


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Happy Halloween!


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August Bank Holiday!

August  Bank Holiday 2016 TMAP01

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The Art of Positioning

lucy03Three laws of business: location, location and location! In regard to fighting, positioning makes all the difference to your success! The area where your opponent attacks is where you should not be, and if that isn’t possible you should be looking to restrict his or her options by tactically altering the distance! Often when beginners start sparring the instinct is to move the head as far from the punch as possible; unfortunately when moving back (another beginner trait) instead of creating angles the head moves directly where the punch would have ‘optimal velocity’… Ouch! Get the distance wrong and your opponent will track you like a guided missile.

Getting out of the way is important, but it’s crucial to understand the distance and positioning between you and your opponent!


Counter-intuitively try to “eat the punch” by coming closer, this will balance the power and turn the hunted into the hunter. Think about the velocity of the punch, coming closer diminishes the force. Sure you might get hit, but nowhere near the level of force experienced on the end of the punch. Twist at the hips, while moving forward. Remember evading is not passive! Meaning, it can only be the movement to start your attack. Not only will you be harder to hit with the right placement but you should find yourself in the right position to strike back!

andy aaron01Consider instructor Bob Breen: “There are four basic directions of movement possible. If you always retreat when your opponent attacks, he will factor this in and attack longer and deeper. Do this a couple of times and then, when he’s going to attack, move forward. He has no attack! What you’ll find is that he’s in the launch phase of his attack. There’s no sharp end; no warhead, so to speak.”

Be Aware of your Centre Line and Footwork!

It’s essential that you are aware of the centre line. Remember doing your basics? If you’re not conscious of your centre line while executing your basics, you’ll struggle to hit the target during pad-work and lose track of your footwork during sparring. You can either attack the centre or the edge of your opponent. To maintain control of your centre line, being conscious of your footwork will allow you the positioning to execute your attack accurately and create angles.

Quick tip: If by chance your opponent likes to move erratically. Be efficient. Imagine fighting in a ring, control the centre and coerce your opponent into over exerting himself by constantly moving around the “outside”. Like runners in a race, you’ll lose less energy because you dominate the inner lane; or the centre in this case! He will have two opponents to fight: you and his increasing lack of oxygen!

Don’t neglect your footwork! “The quality of a man’s technique depends on his footwork, for one cannot use his hands or kicks efficiently until his feet have put him in the desired position. If a man is slow on his feet, he will be slow with his punches and kicks. Mobility and speed of footwork precede speed of kicks and punches.” Bruce Lee, Tao of Jeet Kune Do

The fastest way for your opponent to attack you is in a straight line, and that’s key to know. Because with right timing, creating angles or moving in a “curved” fashion will impede attacks and frustrate your opponent. The attack may still come, but the power will be severely reduced and allow you to strike back in a stronger position!

Don’t forget, relax! Often you’ll see people tense up before sparring. Take your time and pay attention to your footwork and form. There’s always something new to learn!




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5 Sparring Tips to Kick Start your Sparring!

opponent03Sparring is perhaps one of the most challenging experiences in the sporting world. Like in all sports there are many factors that make the difference between an expert and a novice, however with kickboxing there are so many applications to consider it can quickly become a very overwhelming experience. Here are 5 pointers from an array of top coaches that help to shed some insight on sparring, and give the mental fortitude to push your goals even further!

Focus on leading the attack, not indirectly countering!
In other words, the hesitant nature of a beginner (whether they know it or not) will often coerce them to have to counter! This is a BAD idea! Countering is tough, and a lot of beginners don’t realize they’re attempting such an advanced art! According to trainer Joe Lewis, countering is about knowing the “attack” of the opponent, understanding the distance/timing of the attack, and the type of counter required. If you don’t know all three, it’s important to just work on executing attack combinations!

Don’t let your opponent beat you to the draw!
Often you’ll hear an instructor pushing you to form fight as fast as possible! Why? Because with the incentive to push yourself physically you’ll open possibilities in sparring you wouldn’t notice at a slower pace! It doesn’t matter who you are even your area of discipline in martial arts. A lot of coaches encourage you to take the initiative and set the pace!

Make sure you’re not standing square!
This means shoulders will be left open giving your opponent ample opportunity to strike you and infringe your balance. Which leads to the next point: your technique will be limited as you wont be able to rotate your hips and generate power in your strikes! If in doubt, just keep it simple and remember the basics. Keep the back heel up and make sure your stance allows you to twist your hips.

Keep your feet under your punches!
This is all to do with not overreaching with the reverse punch, which will only impede your flow and hurt your balance. Not to mention the “hang time” of leaving your right arm out stretched, rendering you incapable of following up with a roundhouse kick or attack combination.

Keep moving!
As Georges St-Pierre said, “standing still is never a good option. Not in the ring, and not in life outside the octagon either. When you stop moving, you’re done.”
Make the most of your space and build your footwork. This will develop the mind-set to try new techniques and change rhythm, which will disrupt an aggressive opponent!

Try to keep these simple pointers in mind while training and give them a go! It won’t just improve your work ethic but will allow you develop a greater level of self-confidence and belief!

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